On top of the world and his sled // p: Ben Girardi

Name: Sean Miskiman
Birthday: 5/3/2000
Stance: Regular
Sponsors: Giro, Nitro, Unltd, Airhole
The recipient of an “Up Next” might not normally go to a rider who already has a cover under his belt, but is it bad that we didn’t really know of him before that happened? While the Canadians do their best to stifle their cries of our American ignorance to yet another of Canada’s great offerings, we will focus on the baby-faced kid who showed up in a big way in the backcountry these last two seasons. Granting himself a memorable part in the King Snow movie with a cover to match, Sean, who apparently is often mistaken for Mikey Cicarelli (we don’t see it) has jumped the Burton ship on over to Nitro, and we reckon his second part will turn more heads than a Tennis match.
-Stan Leveille

Who is the manliest man boy?
Definitely Rasman. If that dude faced off with a bear, I’d definitely bet on Chris.

What percentage of your face is metal?
About 69% give or take 20 percent.

Can you tell us what happened there?
On the last day of filming last winter. I tried to do a natty back 5, I ended up going a little too big and kneed myself in the face. I shattered my orbital bone and had to get 3 plates and 16 screws. I am back to feeling 100 percent and I am so grateful that I was out with the best crew to be with (Manboys) who took the best damn care of me. Thank you so much boys, much love.

Are you one of those people who is ride or die about their snowmobile brand?
No, I am not a ride or die snowmobile brand person but I have towed way too many Polaris out of the backcountry with my Skidoo. 

Best Canadian Snowboarder ever?
I would have to say Devan Walsh or Mikey Rencz but coming from Regina, Saskatchewan, Mark and Craig McMorris will always be my hometown heroes. They are the whole reason why I got into boarding.

Scariest trick you can do.
That depends on the feature, I’ve been just as scared doing a front 3 as a back 12.

Scariest trick you can’t do?
One of those backside 1800 whirly birds. People who can do those are mental.

Frothiest kid on blackcomb
Maria Thomson’s son Tao - that kid is the dopest!

Miskiman clocking in some airtime in Whistler, BC // p: Ben Girardi

Fury gap comments?
Fury gap is a jump that Raz, me, and Belzile hit this winter. Chris and E-Jack found it and hit it first. It’s one big old step down! That was probably the craziest jump session I have been a part of. Check out the clips in the new Manboys movie!

Rasman told me to ask about your rock paper scissors skills?
Haha! Somehow whenever we are on some big-ass step down that I am terrified to hit, I never want to play Rock Paper Scissors. Then I always win Rock Paper Scissors. I think this is kind of a manifestation. I claim it every time.

What’s the backcountry jump banter with 30 year old snowboarders?
It’s honestly the best, most of the time it’s Belzile giving investing advice. But sometimes it’s the boys talking about real estate and having kids and getting married, then I just shake my head and pretend to know but I haven’t even had a girlfriend yet. 

Jody Wachniak called you Mikey (Cicarelli) for a whole day last winter?
Yup. It was my first day ever filming with the Manboys and he started calling me Mikey and I just went with it. I am kinda used to it though.  I used his ID as my fake ID when I first moved to Whistler so I could get into the Manboy Movie Premieres.  

Do girls dig the baby face?
I don’t know, I will have to tell you after the movie premiere.