Up Next with Tess Coady — As Seen In Issue 2.1


Tess Coady needs shades for her bright future // p: Mike Dawsy

Tess Coady
Birthday: 11/2/2000
Stance: Regular
Sponsors: Monster Energy, Salomon Snowboards, The North Face, Smith Optics, Absolut Park, Thredbo

There’s an underground whisper that Tess Coady is the next best thing in snowboarding. I reckon it can’t be too “underground” at this point considering her recent Olympic results and the fact that she has a wikipedia page––but having met her for the first time in Bend at Peace Park, we certainly understand what all the fuss is about. An effortless style with proper execution, her riding definitely speaks for itself. At age 22 her medal count is already impressive, with a Bronze in the 2021 World Championships in Aspen and a matching Olympic Bronze in 2022, we have a feeling this is just the beginning for Tess. Enjoy this short interview where Tess says things that are so Australian I had to ask if she was messing with us. “Goes off like a fish milkshake.” -–What?

-Stan Leveille

Would you use a didgeridoo song for a full part? 


Why do they call it Monster Hell Week, and was it?
Honestly the real hell week was the week long hangover after haha. Nah, it was sick a!  The crew was insane, the set up was dope and the drinks were flowing.

Tim Tam slam, Yes or no? (Can you explain it)
Yep Tim Tam slam goes off like a fish milkshake (good). Pretty much you bite two opposite corners off a Tim Tam (Australian brand of cookie), then you make a cup of english breakfast tea or hot chocolate depends on your vibe, and you slurp the drink through the Tim Tam like a straw, and the Tim Tam pretty much melts and you eat it.

A nice portrait of Australian royalty // p: Mike Dawsy

Is New Zealand tryna steal y’alls thunder?
We all know when everyone says down under where they’re really talking about. Nz is cool but they don’t have Kangaroos so not that cool.

One word to describe Scotty James?

What’s with Aussie people? - open ended question.
Honestly the water here isn’t super clean so it makes everyone kind of weird.

Was AUS mad at you for not competing in the 2018 Olympics due to ACL complications?
Nah, they were more just bummed for me than anything.

Are you sick of ACL questions?
I reckon I avoided them like the plague for the first year after it, and now I’ve blacked out that year of my life so I just make shit up lmao.

I’m working on a new Aussie joke, tell me if you like it “Brown paste?- An animal would never eat it, but a Veggie might.” Thoughts?
Haha that sucks I love it.

Australian Country music - yes or no?
Only if its Keith Urban. 

IF yes - who should we be listening to. If NO, why?
Keith Urban slaps and everyone else sucks (probably the water).

Poached eggs or poaching contest runs, which is better?
Damn thats hard, gotta say poached eggs they really make me weak in the knees

You got 2nd place in most of Absolut Park’s spring battle video contest. IS IT RIGGED?
There is a law in Austria saying no one else can win except Anna, otherwise right to jail.

Olympic air time // p: Mike Dawsy

Favorite non-competitive snowboarder?
Nik Baden, I’m gonna use this opportunity to say my mental health has been on a steady decline since Mayhem edits stopped dropping.

Best event in snowboarding?
Laax Open probably. 

Aussie Spirit Animal?
Have you ever seen a Quokka? They're so cute it’s depressing

Underflips - hot or not?
I’m gonna say not, unless you grab Stale.

Fair - If you said “Yes” I was going to ask if you call it “the down under flip” but alas, looks like my bad jokes must conclude. Thanks Tess!