UPPERCUT is the first video we all filmed together and has started to shape into something more than just filming some clips together.

This is our first installment of hopefully many more to come. We wanna give a huge thank you to Bennys parents for letting us stay at their home in Minnesota, Mees Oostdijk and Max De Vries for just being overall legends and having the best attitudes you could ask for, all of Finland for welcoming us with open arms,Jake Rose, Child labor, Moron Wax, Cargo Vans, Ethan Morgan and everyone at DIYX for an insane week and all the sponsors who made this video possible!!

Featured Riders: Demetri Bales, Drayden Gardner, Jed Sky, CJ Culligan, Benny Milam, Mikey Tuck, River Richer and Mees Oostdijk

Filmed and edited by: Kyle Murray
Additional filming: Benny Milam, Danny Salazar, Max Warbington, Dylan Burnly, Mike Carmazzi , Max Kennis, Mikey Tuck, Joey Leon

Supported by: Slush Magazine, Pub Beer, Wildflower Hemp Co., Arbor, Dinosaur Will Die, Fix bindings, Sucks Supply, Signal, CBDayz, Bataleon and Tactics