"Uppercut" at Trollhaugen


Just got this edit fired over to our inbox from lensman Kyle Murray. "Uppercut" is a new video coming this fall, featuring the likes of Demetri Bales, Benny Milam, Jed Sky, Drayden Gardner, Cj Culligan, Mikey Tuck and more.  They spent a couple days at Troll in between filming throughout the midwest and whipped up this little edit.  We caught up with Kyle and the dudes to get a little more lowdown on what to expect later this fall.

Whats up with "Uppercut?"
So really, plans were pretty up in the air with all this.. In the fall, Demetri and I were throwing around an idea of putting together an independent video and things all started to line up. We got a group of guys together, started going over the idea with them and by December everyone was on board. This is definitely different for the guys and I think it's great to have the opportunity to step away from a brand based project and let us all get together with no specific paralleled sponsor ties. The plan for this year was to come out with a few little park edits as somewhat of a buildup of what's to come from the project dropping this fall. Just something to show a bit of what we’ve been doing while out on the road.  So this Trollhaugen edit is the first of those.

Who's in the crew?
The crew consists of Jed Sky, Benny Milam, CJ Culligan, Mikey Tuck, Drayden Gardner, and Demetri Bales and is filmed by myself (Kyle Murray). 

Where have you guys been filming so far?
We started by going up to Washington in December and getting a few clips up there before heading home for the holidays. We then spent a few weeks in Minnesota riding Troll for a few days and hitting some spots. Then we linked with our friend River Richer and got a few days in Butte before parting ways to Finland. Currently we are ending the year up in Quebec which didn’t exactly work the best snow wise but we made some things happen and sometimes that’s just the roll of the dice… Going to wrap it all up with some spring days in Utah. 

What's the motivation for this video? 
I guess the motivation is to make something that is a little bit different from what we've all done in the past. Everyone in the crew had mainly just been working on different edits for their sponsors, so this was a chance to make a more traditional crew video. Fun to watch snowboarding with a group of friends who are trying to make a vision come to life. We wanted to make something we are proud of and want it to be something to keep building off of in the future. I am hoping that this is something that we can look back at and realize what we can do when we all come together. 

What's one crazy story about the time spent in the midwest?
Well, kinda funny, we got a weed sponsor for the video (shoutout to Wild Flower!) But we got sent a bit more than we smoke and we got it half way through the trip haha, so we had WAY too much weed for the crew to smoke during the rest of our stay so on a down day the guys made some pretty strong edibles and I’m pretty sure we couldn’t finish those either. Not sure if that’s the best story but it was a "high" point haha. 

How many days were you guys filming at Troll?
We filmed about 3 days at Troll. Though honestly 2 of the days were pretty brick. We still got a few clips each day the guys weren’t feeling it but it was good to just hangout and regroup. 

What's next for the crew?
Right now we are finishing up filming street and getting ready to go to some spring boardin’ together in Utah! Probably cruise Brighton, film a few jumps and see what else we can get done. It’s been a long winter so I think everyone is looking forward to hangin’ in some sunshine and having a coupla beers while we cap off a fun winter spent together.  - Kyle, Jed, Demetri, Cj

Stay tuned for some more park edits throughout the summer and the full release of "Uppercut" sometime in the fall!