Welcome to Gnu Country 23/24



Gnu Country, where the boards are hand built in the USA, zero hazardous waste with smooth rich flavors of asymmetry and edges that turn ice into powder. Where there's always fresh snow in the mountains, fresh fungi in the forest, fresh ideas on the factory floor and fresh tricks on film. Gnu Country, a veritable cornucopia of creativity where the boards are strong and the methods good looking…

👀 23/24 Gnu Snowboards at: https://www.gnu.com/

Video edited and filmed by Sean Lucey
Additional filming: Al Grogan, Ethan Morgan, Tim Stanford, Logy B, Forest Bailey, Jamie Anderson, and Naima Antolin
Featuring: Cannon Cummins, Blake Paul, Temple Cummins, Max Warbington, Forest Bailey, Jamie Anderson, Barrett Christy, Ari Morrone and Naima Antolin