A short story snowboard video follows Naima Antolin & her friends as they search for the mystical Walabeluga? Where is Walabeluga? They search the streets, the backcountry, side country, backyard jibs, pond slides, and more.

Featuring: Naima Antolin, Melissa Riitano, Johan Nordhag, Jaimee Deister, Jed Sky, Corinne Pasela, Madison Blackley, Jeff Holce, Matteo Soltane, & Mike Rav

Supported by: Coal Headwear, Airblaster, Gnu, BentMetal, and Crab Grab

Filmed by: Kyle Greene, Skylar Brent, John Blume, Sam Tour, Alex Owen, Melissa Riitano, Naima Antolin, Tim Zimmerman, Jp Paquette, Zack Boulet, Joey Leon, Seamus Foster, Ted Borland, Al Grogan, Kevin Nolan, and Jack Reid
Edited by: Kyle Greene
Directed by: Naima Antolin


I came up with the concept of Where's Walabeluga because I wanted to write a short story that was loosely told through the means of snowboarding. I was gravitated towards the idea to keep the viewer entertained through the eyes, ears and mind. Another thought was how could we make an interactive snowboard project? One idea I had was to make these creative sessions. The concept was simple add objects into the environment like giant roses and giant bubbles and let the riders, filmers, and photographers get creative. Kyle also came up with an amazing idea to add hidden whales throughout the project with the intention to do a giveaway to the first person to find all the whales.

I originally planned to make a street film but when Mother Nature provides record amounts of snow in your home mountains you follow the path of least resistance. In this case it meant filming street when we could while putting a heavy focus in the backcountry. It was my first winter diving into the backcountry and I was absolutely out of my comfort zone. Thankfully the crew dynamic was on point. John, Corinne, Ben and Melissa took me under their wing sharing valuable backcountry knowledge. Once Johan came to America from Sweden it was go time. Linking up with friends along the way, every session was met with laughs and smiles. I don't want to claim anything but I believe we were the happiest people in the mountains last winter.

All the music in this project was either self made or came from my family. I'm very excited to share not only my work but also my siblings as well as my dads work. Ever since I started filming for projects I dreamed of writing an original song to put to my snowboarding and we finally got there

To pitch a snowboard project/concept that's not the easiest to explain can make it hard to get companies to invest so I wanted to give a big shout out to Coal Headwear, Airblaster, Gnu, BentMetal and Crab Grab for all the support. Thank you for trusting in my vision and letting me create. This project would not have been possible with out you