WISHBONE—by Madison Blackley


Words by Corinne Pasela:

You could say this year was Madison’s ‘big break’, but not in the way you would expect. At first this meant endless opportunities, resources, and abundant snowfall to create a video project of her dreams... then she broke a bone in her shoulder at the first spot of the season. While the extent of the consequences to Madison's season weren’t fully known, it was apparent that things wouldn’t carry on as planned. How could she fly with a broken wing? 

Some time passed, much like the past decade of friendship with Madison. Those years showed me her fearlessness, resiliency, and pure love of snowboarding at her core. 

But dealing with time is hard. It’s fleeting. It’s misunderstood. It’s what? The moments of absence between experiencing things one loves? The stormy days before we see snow inevitably turn to dust on our mountain? The number of steps in the snow that one may take before the next chance to fly? It waits for no one. 
And so, Madison caught a lucky break come springtime. Her shoulder healed and the snow began to fall. Turns out her broken wing was more like a wishbone, something that is expected to break to gain wisdom and fortune. A little bit of luck to share with friends. And those friends showed up! Together they celebrated motion, nature, and laughs in the mountains until time ran out. 

WISHBONE is a nod at the acceptance of things breaking, and the belief that good luck and fortune will come, especially when well-wishes are shared with friends. It’s also Madison Blackley’s 2021-22 season edit, filmed on location at Brighton Resort over a magically snowy month that we’ll all wish for again. 


Filmed, Edited, Produced by:
John Blume

Supported by:
Rome SnowboardsAirblaster

r: Madison Blackey // p: Peter Limberg
r: Madison Blackley // p: Benjamin Miles Littlerr: Madison Blackley // p: @mongoosefamily