Abstract—Salomon Snowboards

  |   Mike Dawsy

INTRODUCING Salomon Snowboards new park/freestyle unisex board, Abstract - featuring artwork by Desiree Melancon (^this photo is also perfection Marc)

From the Salomon Snowboards desk:
Designed to remove limitations on style and expression, the Abstract features artwork by Desiree Melancon. Built for versatility in the park, the streets, or wherever you ride.

Featuring Desiree Melancon, Seb Picard, Tess Coady, Harrison Gordon, Emma Crosby, and Riley Nickerson
Photos by Marc O’Malley
Video by Brendon Hupp

Abstract // p: Marc O'Malley
r: Emma Crosby // p: Marc O'Malleyr: Desiree Melancon // p: Marc O'Malley