Quiksilver professional snowboarder Travis Rice has officially released his newest short film, Accoutrement. The film, presented by Quiksilver, follows the renowned snowboarder as he gracefully navigates the most intense conditions, continually pushing the boundaries of possibility.  From narrow peaks to steep inclines, this new edit is a fresh reminder of Rice’s progressive skills in a challenging big mountain terrain.

In recent years, Rice brought to life the Natural Selection Tour, an event series where the world’s best snowboarders compete in difficult wilderness conditions. Reflecting on the past season, Travis shares, “I was able to link into some amazing side dishes while hosting and competing on the Natural Selection Tour. The Tour takes a lot of bandwidth and demands long hours working and adventure-boarding in the mountains throughout the year. A lot of days spent in savagely inclement weather preparing for when it all comes into alignment. Having gear that excels when the hydrological cycle is pumping full force is so key to having fun while within the tempest… Accoutrement is essentially a small collection of little sessions while working through last season.”

With decades of experience and well-deserved accolades, Travis Rice is indisputably one of the best snowboarders of all time. He constantly pushes the boundaries of possibility, eager to take on new challenges with unparalleled momentum. 

Throughout the edit, Travis Rice can be seen wearing his signature Quiksilver snow jacket, the Highline Pro Travis Rice 3L GORE-TEX® Shell Snow Jacket He collaborated with Quiksilver on every detail of the jacket, ensuring that it is equipped for all terrains and conditions, putting it to the test himself in the harshest conditions. In regards to the final product, Travis shares, “Your comfort in the mountains is the most crucial component there is, because it affects all your decisions. This jacket is what happens when you want lightweight + mobility + warmth + breathability + style. Everyone who I let try this on wants one…I feel like that kind of says it all.” This performance jacket is part of Quiksilver’s Surf The Mountain Snow Collection.