Parallel—Volume 6, by Victor Daviet


From the desk of Victor Daviet:

For the 6th volume,
I collaborated with @tylerchorlton the master of modern carving, with whom I share a common vision to live life on the edge, crossing // lines.

r:Tyler Chorlton & Victor Daviet // p: Germain Favre-Felix
After opening the DVD videos series with "White Canvas" a solo carving edit, i felt there was still so much potential to express the art of carving. It made me want to gather with Tyler to push further these parallel and beautiful fresh lines. We spent a couple days just carving and bringing our ideas together on the Avoriaz slopes until our elbows were (literally) bleeding.
A great time with a friend which inspires my riding.
We hope you will want to slay slopes after watching our edit.

Snowboarders: @Tyler Chorlton@Victor Daviet
Filmer / Editor: JR Ceron
Music: Northern Introvert / Breakdown
r: Victor Daviet // p: Germain Favre-FelixMore info:
#davietvictordigitalvideos is a digital snowboard clips series dropping throughout the winter season. I will collab with talented filmmakers and feature with inspired riders to film all the ideas, artistic concepts, missions, moves we always wanted to experience and film. 

Let's press play & share it!

r: Victor Daviet // p: Germain Favre-Felix