BLOOM — a short film by lionel moerch


From Lionel's Desk:

Our homie Maveric almost died because of a terrible & traumatic slam on his head while filming for this project. The movie talks about the ups and downs we've been through after that... Fortunately, after 3 months at the hospital and serious brain troubles, Mav was finally back with his big smile, bringing all of us up. He directly talked about finishing our project. A winter later, we brought out the cameras again, went to Finland and closed that chapter finally. Like flowers, we bloom again.

Directed by Lionel MOERCH

Riders: - Maveric RIAL - Eliot GOLAY - Lionel MOERCH - Romeo WICHT - Chris ROWLEY & friends - Alec WILBRICHT - Thibaut PORTNER - Martin LAESSER Filmed by: - Lionel MOERCH & the crew 
Additional filming by Lou STAUB
Edited by: - Lionel MOERCH - Drawn animations by Eliot GOLAY
Supported by: - West Snowboarding