CLUMSY by Zoltan Strcula


Live form Zoltan Strcula's desk: 

Clumsy is mapping a couple of weeks spent snowboarding in the streets through mostly Czech and Slovakia.

I would like to thank everybody who helped during the filming of Clumsy. And there are many of you. It would not be finished without you. Special thanks go to Roman Dlauhy who spent 3 weeks with me filming. And Patrik Paulinyi for clips, drone clips, and mentoring during the finalizing of the video. Love you all!

Filmers: Roman Dlauhy, Patrik Paulinyi, Marina Alonso, Oskar Fritzsche, Michal Stiksa, Jakub Brziak, Miky Pajer, Red Point, Jacco Bos

Music: Mackintosh Braun, The Sound