Live from Jake Aaronson's desk:

One camera, one battery, a tripod, 3 shovels and a drop in ramp. This is how I went about creating this project. I started on the first of January, with the intention to visit as many east coast DIY spots as possible, all while filming my street shit. Until the end of March I was in search of snow in the North East, exploring places I have never been. I treated everyday like it was my job, getting motivated by scoping the most visually pleasing and or fun spots with as minimal build as I could find. With only my Manfrotto tripod and a beat up Panasonic 4k Handy-Cam with a single battery, I traveled from Boston, Massachusetts, all the way up to Portland, Maine, and out to Albany, New York. Many of the spots I had no prior knowledge of and no tips. It was just me and my equipment, packed into my truck.