Free Agent—Ben Marmer


Quick take with Ben Marmer

First off give some shouts...
For sure a big shoutout to all the homie filmers: Dylan Okurowski, Zach Sturtevant, Andrew Egan, AJ Lefebvre, Sam Gnoza, Cal Carson, Luke Lund, and Sierra Forchheimer. Shout out to Justin Phipps, Lucas Buendía, Squid, and a huge huge shoutout to the child labor ski homies. They let me get down on some trips with them and they are super down for the cause.

Favorite session while filming for Free Agent...
My favorite session last year was probably the boardslide pretzel on the kink rail with the fence at the end. At the time I was working snowmaking 8pm-8am pretty much every day for a little bit. It was during the first storm big in SLC and I was going out with Dylan Okurowski and Sierra Forchheimer hitting some spots pretty much straight after getting out of work. That day after work I remember we went to help Mikey Tuck and Jed Sky get a clip in the morning. It starts to get a little late so Dylan, Sierra and I head to the spot. I originally just had the idea to boardslide the rail and maybe pop out to switch. For whatever reason the one I got it just felt like the pretzel was there so I went for it. I remember being so hyped I couldn’t get any sleep before going into my next shift that night.

What's good this upcoming season?
I don’t have any set plans for next year. That’s pretty much how it goes for me every year. Get some homies, go film some shit, and hopefully it works out. It would definitely be sick to work on a bigger project with some homies. It’s definitely a little hard sometimes without a set crew. Other than that I’d love to go on more trips this year as well.