FREE RIDER—A Jérôme Tanon Film

  |   Mike Dawsy

From  Jérôme Tanon's desk:
Victor De Le Rue (snowboard) and Sam Anthamatten (ski) push new boundaries in the wildest corner of Alaska. A bush pilot drops the small crew of five on a remote, unexplored glacier to conquer the spine walls in a series of ascents, each one more committed. Narrator Jérôme Tanon describes with honesty and a touch of sarcasm what exactly is going on here. Above all, he wants to feel what it's like to be in their shoes, to understand what so called "free riders" are made of, and what could be the purpose and beauty of "freeriding".

Athletes: Victor De Le Rue (snowboard), Sam Anthamatten (ski)
Director: Jérôme Tanon
Production Company: Georges Biffeton production
Type: Adventure/Freeride expedition documentary
Location: Alaska, USA
Cinematography: Christoph Thoresen, Yannick Boissenot, Jérôme Tanon
Movie poster: artwork by Jessa Gilbert

Release timeline:
Festivals tour October - Spring 2023
Online release on The North Face's YouTube channel in December 2022.

Camp // p: Jerome Tanonr: Victor De Le Rue // p: Jerome Tanon