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INTRODUCING: The NOW Fridge Pro Model!!

From NOW Bindings desk:

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the Fridge Pro Model! Artist Mark Kowalchuk is the mastermind behind this awesome design with the help of Fridge's inspiration. We love the colour palette that they've chosen and we're so stoked to award Fridge with his own NOW pro model. A rider unlike anyone else out there, Fridge pushes the limits of the imagination with his groundbreaking tricks while having so much style. If anyone deserves a pro model, it's Fridge! To find out more how this design came to life, we caught up with him to ask a few questions about this milestone in his snowboarding career. Check out the shops below the interview where the Fridge Pro Model is available and you can also find it on our website. 

Lackflip off an avalanche bomb?? Wow // p: Phil Tifo

What's the inspiration behind the design of your pro model? 

FRIDGE: It's based on an album cover from Hallas, with one of their song called "Star Rider" being my favourite at the moment. The artwork is made by Mark Kowalchuk who created the Grim Reaper flying on a fridge holding the torch for NOW. I'm really stoked how it came out.

p: Phil Tifo


How stoked are you to get a pro model with NOW? What does it mean to you?

FRIDGE: I mean getting a pro model of any sort is like the childhood dream. I still remember when I got a contract that had in the terms that I should call myself a ‘pro snowboarder’. I was like “but I don’t have a pro model”. Being heavily influenced by skateboarding I always considered being pro meant I had to have a “pro model”. So having one with NOW and also with Lobster this season is like a dream come true.

What do you like most about NOW bindings? 

FRIDGE: I still remember stepping into my first pair of NOW Bindings feeling so close to the snow and instantly knowing it was right. I feel fully connected to my board. I sometimes switch up to hard bushings if I need to get aggressive, and also go with the high cup option for late season slushy cruiser runs to get that surfy feeling.

How was your trip to Japan for JF’s 50th?

FRIDGE: Omg, that’s a trip of a lifetime. Never been to Japan before and instantly fell in love with the place, culture and food. Getting to be in a lodge with all these legends, watch old banger snowboard movies they made, get nostalgic and drink an insane amount of beers before going riding the next day was as good as it gets. It felt absolutely unreal. Everyone was super nice and welcoming and it felt like age didn’t exist anymore because the mentality was like a bunch of kids let loose in paradise.