GET BUCK // A Snowboard Film by Sebbe De Buck & Willem Jones.

  |   Stan Leveille

We always admire a movie with the perfect title—something tongue-in-cheek, almost punny. 'Get Buck,' a collaboration between Belgians Sebbe De Buck and Willem Jones, emerges as a quintessential feel-good film of the year. DeBuck, who separately filmed a part for 'Beyond Medals,' epitomizes the essence of the movie's name throughout the 22 minute feature. The video spans Japan, Alaska, France, culminating in a sure-to-be-talked-about session at Chad's Gap.

Willem Jones brings an authentic artistic flair to the project, eschewing the common pretense of trying to appear artistic that has become all too common in snowboarding.

While Sebbe shines as the star, the video also features incredible cameos by Carlos Garcia Knight, Kevin Backstrom, Tor Lundström, Ulrik Badertscher, Sage Kotsenburg, Nils Mindnich, Kaishu Hirano, and Spencer Schubert.