Fender x Giro—Limited Edition Goggle Release

  |   Mike Dawsy
Introducing the Giro x Fender Collaboration
For the Times When You Want To Ride Loud And Fast

p: Giro x FenderFrom the Giro desk:

Introducing the Giro x Fender Extra Heavy Collaboration for the new season.

From the ominous opening riff of Gimme Shelter in Shakedown to the power of NOFX in Roadkill, Fender guitars have delivered the soundtrack and energy of our culture’s most iconic shred films for decades.

There is a deep and long-term connection between music and the culture of snowboarding. For decades, music has been the soundtrack of this mountain lifestyle. Ask about the biggest film parts of a certain era, and many people can tell you what songs powered which riders’ edits. And in 2022-23, music continues to play a huge part in the snowboard life, from the reels that blow up on Instagram to the personal soundtrack piped into countless ear buds on the hill.

This connection is not surprising. Both endeavors are dynamic forms of human creativity. And maybe more importantly, both endeavors are emotional experiences that put us in a state of flow. Whether it is a powerchord riff or a mellow track, music unlocks and amplifies moments of rhythm and movement.

So we at Giro are beyond stoked to connect with one of the most amazing music brands of all time, Fender, to create a collection of goggles to celebrate the connection that our two cultures share.

p: Giro x Fenderp: Giro x Fenderp: Giro x Fenderp: Giro x Fender