Volume 5—HARD

  |   Mike Dawsy

Another Classic from Victor Daviet and friends

From Victor Daviet's desk:
After Set 1 and the Volumes; White Canvas, Apollo 21, Hit and Run, and Grab, we are coming in hot with....Volume 5 - HARD
For the 5th volume, I invited a bunch of friends such as Marion Haerty, Juan Cachat, Johann Baisamy, Anais Caradeux, Robin Janvier.. & more for a good old time! Behind the cameras two true artists: filmer/editor Robin Cretinon and photographer Germain Favre-Felix.

For learning (and trying) the HARD way! After more than 20 years on a board, I’ve realized that I never tried to ride with hardboots, like all the OGs. How absurd!
So with a bunch of friends we decided to suffer for a day and give a tribute to the snowboard legends in @Avoriaz , where it all started for French snowboarding. What came out of that day : a lot of fun and a lot of pain. But damn it was hard to properly ride with the old school gear and it only made me respect more the first generation of riders for testing, ripping products and 
showing us the way!

r: Victor Daviet and friends // p: Germain Favre Felix

Snowboarders: @VictorDaviet / Marion Haerty / Juan Cachat / Steve Robert / Anaïs Caradeux / Tonton Riton Rtiuun / Robin & Nathan Janvier  / PJ Cazaux / Noé Joly / Victoria Edel / Gabin / Johann & Tim Baisamy / Jean No Clavet

Filmer / Editor: Robin Cretinon
Photos: Germain Favre-Felix
Collector: PJ Cazaux

HARD // p: Germain Favre Felix