Live from Shmobb's desk:

Featuring: Caleb Chomlack, Truth Smith, Lane Weaver, Jacob Lagault, Dash Klebe-McCullock, Finn Findstone.
Music by: Dash Klebe-McCullock
Edited by: Caleb Chomlack with help from Jesse Coreia
Filmed by: The boys
Art and Illustration by: Caleb Chomlack

Don't hate yourself, Hate us. Never forget that someone out there is thinking of you. Surround yourself with likeminded people and don't be afraid to say what's on your mind. Thank you to everyone in our community that supports us, from buying our clothes to watching our videos we appreciate you all so fuckin much. Nothing we do would be possible without the homies so THANK YOU and much love from SHMOBB. This film was made with zero sponsors or filmers so if anyone would like to help out next year hit us up! T-shirts are out now dm us on insta @shmobb_