"Interconnect"—Full Movie


New collaborative video project bringing together riders from all over the world. Some info from the film's director, Hugo Dubé-Bouchard, below:

INTERCONNECT is a collaboration movie project produced by Tweakend. We’re all from different countries, different levels, colors, cultures, languages, styles. But we’re all snowboarders and we enjoy what we do everyday and that’s why we wanted to share a unique project together from around the world

We all have inspirations, a family member, a hero, a snowboarder. We want to inspire rising young blood to OG riders from the industry.

Riders in order of appearance: 

Stepan Rokos from Czech Republic

Filmers: David Chvatala, Martin Kolarik, Tereza Korabova, Linda Hurkova, Sosy Sokol, Bob Bausner, Restless crew. 

Oskar Fritzsche from Austria 

Filmers: Nico Schneider, Christian Kirsh, Simon Houlind, Jacco Bos, Jake Terry

Kael Hill from Canada

Filmers: Mark Valtr, Tanner Davidson, Emily Lukas, Elena Graglia

Ron Forth from California 

Filmers: Ashley Strauss, Nate Smith, Mitch Nowicki and Tsuyoshi Komiyama. 

Hugo Dubé-Bouchard from Canada

Filmers: Cedric Richard, David Fisher, Jonat St-Marie, Joey Leon, Raph Sevigny, Max Trudel, Patrick Lemieux, Max Laurin, Will Fata.

Jesse Augustinus from Netherlands 

Filmers: Joona Saikonnen, Niko Nylund, Arttu Heikinen.

Francis-Olivier Jutras from Canada

Filmers: Raph Sevigny, Raph Fortin, Simon Martel, Joel Lampron, Jeremy Goldie, Albert Lacroix

Christian Kirsch from Austria

Filmers: Nico Schneider, Nico Schneider, Oskar Fritzsche, Simon Houlind, Jacco Bos, Jake Terry

Atsushi Hasegawa from Japan 

Filmers: Masato Nagumo, Makoto Tomiyama, Yasuhito Wakebe

Patrice Poulin from Canada

Filmers: Paul Bystrican, Patrick Quesnel, Damian Gilbert, Kai Meekis, Brayden Hogue, Caleb White, Mark Valt, Will Buffey, Joe Jedrej, Ty Wilson, Rob Fournier, Noah Tomisto, Eli Penna

Tye Wilson from Canada 

Filmers: Angus Thomson, Maveric Northcott, Patrice poulin, Will Kovacic, Chris German, Colter, Stu Moon

Mike Rotsaert from Canada

Filmers: Patrick Quesnel, Vinny Laz, Chris Fish, Jayson Dworski

Rasmus Rönkä from Finland

Filmers: Arttu Heikkinen, Leevi Tyllinen, Harald Hellström, Lapin Samuli, Elias Veijola, Lauri Kivari, Mainio Ormio, Joonas Eloranta, Henna Ikola

Supported by K2, Vans, Ride, Rome, Arbor, Flux, Vonzipper, Kingsnow, Canary Cartel, Défi Hors Piste

Directed by Hugo Dubé-Bouchard