Northbound and Around — Full Movie



From Shredbots Desk:

Hungry for clips and greedy for turns, Johan Rosen, Garrett “The Worm” Warnick and friends spent the season leaving no line unridden and no pillow unsmashed. Driven by the most unsatisfiable of desires, finding good snow, the crew spent the season running from warm temperatures and chasing down a dream. To get to the promise land, they found themselves traveling… Northbound and Around.

Edited by: Johan Rosen
Featuring: Garrett Warnick, Johan Rosen, Nils Arvidsson, Ryan Paterson, Keenan Filmer, Kareem El Rafie, Nils Mindnich, Jess Kimura, Bode Merrill, Ben Bilocq, Brandon Davis, Nick Khattar, Kyle Mack