NZ Cattleman’s Cup — Burton Australia


From Mt Buller Park's Desk:

Cattleman’s Cup Day Two Rail Jam. Another beautiful sunny day here in at the second of our two Cattleman’s Cup snowboard events, the Cattleman’s inspired rail plaza jam, and consequently the presentation of our Cattleman’s Cup Winners with thanks to

Congratulations to our Cattleman’s winners:
Hip Hero Men: Valentino Guseli: $1500
Hip Hero Women: Freya Hammerlein: $1500
Rail Ruler Men: Valentino Guseli: $1500
Rail Ruler Women: Georgia Nicholls Austin: $1500
Strong Talent Award Men: Josh Vagne: $1000
Strong Talent Award Women: Sophie Nicholls Austin: $1000
Grand Champion Men: Valentino Guseli: $2000
Grand Champion Women: Georgia Nicholls Austin: $2000

MC: @blaffman also ft @and_jam @kalimzeechcurran14 @big_simothy @busetti69 & more

The Cattleman’s Cup is presented by Burton, Mt Buller, and Pirate Life Beer.