Paid Programming's "Tuesday's Child"

From Torment Mag & Paid Programming's Desk:

The future is looking bright for this north-of-the-border crew. Having spent their winter between Calgary and Montreal, Paid Programming capitalized on what's been under the nose of so many before. From those trials and tribulations came "Tuesday's Child,” the next chapter in the story of Canadian snowboarding.

Featuring: Jesse Jarrett, Dan Bubalo, Stefan (Taco) Alvarez, Kim Cote, Jenaya Jenkins, Manu Calvo, Conner Felix, Austin Johnson, Mark Goodall, Gregor Zed, Quin Ellul … And Friends

Filmed by: Alex Bielawski, Jesse Jarrett, Quin Ellul, Pat Quesnel
Edited by: Jesse Jarrett & Quin Ellul Thumbnail
Photo by: Liam Glass

Supported By: Vans Canada, Ride Snowboards, Nitro Snowboarding, L1 Outerwear, & Union Bindings