Rally for Rocker 8 Results and Photo Recap

The Jones crew ran some party laps down the course to cap off the day // p: Danny Kern
Words and photos by Danny Kern

This human-powered, hand-dug bank slalom gathering is nearing its decade mark in the history of DIY snowboard events. Every spring, Taylor Carlton assembles an army of passionate people who have dedicated a part of their lives to snowboarding, the community, and this incredible week-long build. Dig days aside, the event itself is a full day of FUNdraising in the sun on the beautiful national forest land of Donner Summit. The Rally for Rocker is much more than just a race. It’s a reunion. The Tahoe, Truckee, and greater area snowboard community shows up. “This would have been the 10th year but we took 2 years off due to Covid. The first year I think 80 people showed up. This year I bet there were 1000 people there.” Taylor said. This year the Rally for Rocker event raised over 25K to go towards the Rocker Memorial Skatepark fund. Such is a grand way to cap off an incredible season. A huge thank you to everyone and every brand that supported us.

5 days of moving snow around, filling trash cans and shaping what might be the biggest and best course in Rally for Rocker history. This year the community showed up! // p: Danny Kern
It's always a pleasure watching Armeen Pirooz work his way through this course. Smooth is fast. p// Danny Kern

So much gratitidue and respect for the leader of this event. Thank you Taylor Carlton! // p: Danny Kern

14 Under Girls
1st Simone McWherter
2nd Alexa
3rd Amelia

Heavy grom squad this year // p: Danny Kern

14 Under Boys
1st Clayton Dupont
2nd Jude Ondercin
3rd Sawyer Maissen

Snowskate Women
1st Mia Jones
2nd Marge Cossetini
3rd Rachael Steinner

Snowskate Podium minus AndyFinch // p: Danny Kern

Snowskate Men
1st. Andy Finch
2nd Nate Haust
3rd Dillon Hendricksen

AM Women

1st Isidora Asserz
2nd  Ghia
3rd  Lisa Andelott

AM Men

1st Kai Teteuk
2nd Alex Tandara-kohns
3rd Andrew Miller

Older Ladies
1st Fancy Rutherford
2nd Erin Epperson
3rd Marge Cossetini

Mens 40+
1st Nathan Mcallister
2nd Joey Mcallister
3rd Mike Branzel

Ancient Heads
1st Andy Hetzel
2nd Chris Roach
3rd Dan Hanepen

Open Women
1st Nelly Steinhoff
2nd Lila Yoeman
3rd Maddy Schaffrick
4th Kiana Putman
5th Allison Hardy

Open Ladies Podium: 1st Nelly Steinhoff, 2nd Lila Yoeman, 3rd Maddy Schaffrick // p: Danny Kern

Open Men
1st Hagan Kearney
2nd Nate Holland
3rd Tim Rechetniak
4th Brian Stenerson
5th Dusty Hendricksen

Open Men's Podium: 1st Hagan Kearney, 2nd Nate Holland, 3rd Tim Rechotni // p: Danny Kern