RENDEZVOUS—Ben Poechman, Adam Franks, Nick Elliott


“We all grew up in the foothills of Ontario with west coast dreams of snowboarding in the mountains. Our riding is rooted in the urban landscapes we had only access to during the formative years of our youth. Now, more than a decade since migrating to beautiful British Columbia, we have found our feet. We’ve discovered the infinite bounty that lies within reach. We hope to shine a light on more accessible terrain & focus on having fun with friends outdoors.” - bjp

Presented by Vans

Supported by:
The North Face
King Snow Magazine
Destination BC

Filmed & Edited by: Alex Bielawski

Produced & Directed by: Ben Poechman

Additional Filming: Colter Heard, Ben Poechman, Adam Franks & Derek Molinksi 

Appearances by: Brian McClatchy & Russell Beardsley

Titles by: Alex Beebe

Huge thank you to everyone who helped us along the way! We love you!

Ojo Forever 

Adam & Nick - Whitewater