Reset | French Fragrance



Live from KING SNOWboard's desk: 

The history of snowboarding in Quebec is rich, to say the least. 'Reset' from French Fragrance aligns with the history of the territory, but with the faces of the future. This crew is carrying the torch, and carrying it well. 

Featuring: Frank Bélanger, Seb Picard, David Tourigny, Phil Carpentier and Westley Willyam

Cameos: Phil Couture and Emile Prudhomme

Filmed by: Phil Carpentier, Gabriel Lariviere, Ulysse Dubé Burelle, Raphaël Sévigny, Yoan Charlebois, and Dr. Errol Elli

Edited by: Phil Carpentier and Ulysse Dubé Burelle

Graphic Design: Phil Couture

Produced by: Gab Bélanger

Supported by: Salomon, Empire, and Souvenir