Salomon Snowboards Presents—Hillside Project 2021


Presenting the 2021 installment of Salomon's Hillside Project Series. This latest video is split into three segments, with each focusing on Wolle Nyvelt and another featured rider—Josh Dirksen, Victor Daviet, and Max Buri— working on, building, and testing prototypes to suit their each rider's individual riding style.

Video by David Vladyka

Photo by Perly

From the Salomon desk:

“With decades of powder riding and a profound expertise in shaping boards, Wolle Nyvelt has developed a refined process for creating prototypes, utilizing rider feedback and focusing on craftsmanship using the finest materials. The Hillside Project Series is a continuous pursuit in the development of authentic powder shapes, designed to reflect diversity in terrain, snow, and riding style. This is our vision of powder riding.” – US