SLUMBER PARTY at The House of Reis — Lib Tech

Brandon Reis, aka The Backyard Boarder, invited a bunch of Lib Tech Rippers to set up shop in his house and personal DIY shred park for a few days of no holds barred creative snowboarding. The crew went ALL IN devouring the yard like a bunch of freestyle termites! Jeep, snowmo, pond, tubes, rocks, rails, boxes, Box Scratchers, head scratchers and hammers; welcome to the Slumber Party!

Starring: Brandon Reis, Katie Kennedy, Phil Hansen, Matteo Soltane, Lily Clabrese, Al Grogan and Jesse Burtner

Cameras: Ely Campeanu, Al Grogan, Ted Borland, Jesse Burtner, Brandon Reis, Matteo Soltane