SOULBOARDING —A Powsurf and Splitboard Movie

  |   Katie Kennedy


Soulboarding is as its name implies snowboarding for the purpose of freeing the soul. Its a movie made by Audun Oddenes to showcase the simple joy of human powered missions in the backcountry in Sogn, Norway.


He tries to showcase an artistic approach on how to create a snowboardmovie solo. Most of the filming and the edit itself is made solely by him. That is to show others that you don’t need a big production to create something to hype others to go out and explore.

Both with and without bindings on his boards he has explored the area in which he lives. All of the clips used in this movie was shot within a 2 hour drive (and a long ass hike) from his house.

Audun would like to add;

Thanks to everyone who helped with the project, either by going hiking with me in the mountains, holding a camera og simply by watching it. Enjoy the upcomming season, and make smart choises in the backcountry!