"Spotheads 2"—Full Movie


This ones got some monster slams, crazy makes and all those great intangibles that make homie videos so damn fun.

Featuring Joey Leon (chooch), Zeb Powell (zebaaay), George McKeever-Parkes (door), Jake Fournier (fern)

Friends segment: Liam Doyle, Wes Heffernan, Micah Coville, Derek Conti, Sawyer Deen, Maggie Leon, Jake Smith, Sean Neary, Miles Fallon, Austin Esposito, Kirk Teare, Russel Looby, Norm (Alex Schoff), Max Lyons

Filmed by: IV Stuart, Joey Leon, Kyle Murray, Everyone Else 

Edited by: Joey Leon, IV Stuart

Thank you to Rome Snowboards, Darkside Snowboard Shop, Recess Board Shop, Burton Snowboards, Red Bull