From Mt Buller Parks: 
The 2nd Annual Summer Shred.  Dec 2nd was an insanely fun event and we ended up having a really nice set up on Bourke St. Let's talk about the weather ! We had fog and drizzle from the start, then it rained  buckets. Come lunch time, the sun came out and became warm but unfortunately not for long. Then the storm rolled in hard and continued into late afternoon, then we had ok weather. Besides the full on weather, we did have a huge turn out from riders from all around Australia; even with rain hammering down this didn't stop anyone and only made the vibe even higher. This was a Free Event run by Mt Buller and Mt Buller parks. Even with the weather as it was, it was still a bigger turn out from last year. |

Riders Featured in this video: Andy James, Luka, Ryder Edwards, Joe, Moldie boy, Taron Lucas, Rowen, Chris Busetti, Laffman, Alex Mcphail, Kal, Mitch Reeves, Charlo, Ryan Cafferkey and Dean Ridi and more!