TENNIS – A Snowboard Movie By Craig McMorris And Seb Judge


Live from Shredbots Official's desk:

From the minds of Craig McMorris and Seb Judge, "Tennis" is a collection of the duo's favorite shots and spots. Aptly named, this fast paced flick bounces between backcountry, street, music genres, riders and is built for the sports fan. Featuring an eclectic cast of rookies to vets, this one is a must see!

Featuring: Jack Mcdougall, Ben Bilocq, Zac Hale, Tanner Davidson, Darcy Sharpe, and Craig McMorris.

Filmed by: Seb Judge, Tommy Doyle, and Hayden Rensch

Edited by: Seb Judge

Graphics by: Kayli Hendricks

Supported by: Red Bull, Lululemon, Oakley, Skidoo