From The United Shapes Desk:

Welcome to the next generation of United Shapes. Refined geometry and an even higher echelon of sustainable European manufacturing culminates in our best shapes to date. The reimagined Horizon and Cadet are available now in a limited release, from select retail partners and online. Built for FreeStylers and FreeRiders far and wide, we are happy to offer the new shapes in both North America and Europe.


Cadet and Horizon // p: Perly

The Cadet radiates beauty in its simplicity—a timeless shape reinvigorated with premium, sustainable materials and construction to meet the demands of modern riders in this modern era. The Cadet is a lively personality, catalyzing highly active riding: its deep sidecut enables efficient and effortless carving, and its traditional camber pairs with a gentle, early-rise nose to keep you composed, precise, agile and powerful. This board inspires confidence across all terrain. By blending a FreeRide nature with a FreeStyle soul, the Cadet is a shape that loves to turn and is ready to soar on command.

The Horizon is a versatile, FreeStyle-minded board designed for all-mountain exploration and lapping your favorite jump line. Its directional twin profile and playful character balance fluid carving performance with the ability to press, pop, slide and stomp; this adaptable shape unlocks pure freedom of expression, all across the hill. The Horizon also features our Deep Days set-back inserts, providing optimal float on the deepest of days, so you may soak up every last drop of nature’s finest champagne.