THESE GUYS-A Lake Tahoe Film


From one of These Guys' desk:

A film based out of Lake Tahoe. About three friends, who love to shred. They aren’t the most talented, the most gifted, the most supported, or the smartest. They do their best with what they got. They splitboard their asses off when the mountains are good and when they need their fix they go hit a street spot. “THESE GUYS” love to snowboard and it is all a lifelong passion.

Featuring: Chip Snyder, Sawyer Maho, and Justin Mullen.

Dive on in and have a look at some Tahoe snowboarding that you won’t see everyday. “THESE GUYS” are here to stay and they appreciate all of you.

p: Sawyer Mahop: Sawyer Mahop: These Guys