From the desk of This is Us In:

This Is Us In introduces “Day Job”. A band of snowboarders on a mission to find new terrain and deep snow while still keeping their 9 to 5's in the mountains. Each part is personal to the rider who choose the editor and music that fit their style of riding. This collaboration gives a unique and fresh perspective on how these riders, filmers and editors each approach their 'day job'. Cheers to the season ahead and hope you enjoy!

Featuring: Cam FitzPatrick, Cooper Branham, Yuki Kadono, Chase Josey, Grant Giller, Hans Mindnich, Rob Kingwill and Friends.

Filming by: Jared Spieker, Gabe Negron, Rob Kingwill, Dan Gibeau, Cam FitzPatrick and Cooper Branham

Produced by: Cam FitzPatrick

Editing: Justin Mayers, Cam FitzPatrick, Cooper Branham, Brae Hunzinker, Gabe Negron and Jared Spieker.

Supported by: Rossignol Snowboards, Blenders Eyewear, Backcountry Access, Roadhouse Brewing,Teton Thai, Niima, Avalon 7, Bluebird Wax, Backcountry United.

Locations: Wyoming, Washington, Idaho and Alaska

This is Us In: Day JobThis is Us In: Day JobThis is Us In: Day Job