From the Trip Roulette desk:

After the first episodes in Corsica , Greece , and Pakistan, this time Victor & friends went on an epic local powder surf adventure with Aurélien Giraud, pro-skateboarder super star in a chalet lost in the middle of nowhere.

Best friends, in dreamy snow conditions, a massive powder surf quiver in hand
and enough food to sustain a war, they'll get back to riding in its purest form : with
- literally - no strings attached. 

Few days of intense powder, crazy ideas, 'gourmet' cuisine and fun shared with friends, to get you excited for winter ahead!

Let the adventure begin!

Riders List: @VictorDaviet@thomasdelfino@enzonilo@valerianducourtil
Filmed and Edited by: @n.sapey
Hosted and Filmed by: @jjrceron
Photography by: @Jerome Tanon
Supported by: @salomonsnowboards@686@dakine@the_roster@mammut_swiss1862@pag.nkw, @powsurf

p: Jerome Tanonp: Jerome Tanonp: Jerome Tanonp: Jerome Tanonp: Jerome Tanon