Trollhaugen—Human On Board // TELEPATHY Ep.3 Vol.7

  |   Patrick Bridges

You know when you're in the right place at the right time? And when that place is a snowy haven riddled with blue and yellow steel? And that time is every moment of every winter day? And then your brain waves sync up with all of the humans in your general vicinity? And this magical telepathic conversation is happening between filmer and rider and rider and filmer? Yeaaa, we know that feeling too. If you are not familiar, please witness Exhibits A through Z in Episode 3 of #HumanOnBoard​. Mmmm the sweet sweet sounds of telepathy.

Film & Edit by Robbie Weides

Featuring Logan Herber, Charlie Folkert, Jake Antisdale, Kyle Kennedy, Grady Tank, McKinley Boody, Nixon Johnson, Ethan Deiss