Trollhaugen Human on Board—Volume 8, Episode 3


From the Trollhaugen desk:

The frozen tundra spares no human, and January delivered record breaking cold. How did the frigid souls survive this historic blast of negatives, you ask? There's only one answer, and one solution, proven true by the norse gods of winter engineering...the blessed rope tow! The humans of Human On Board once again prove that the midwest can and will create boarder magic no matter the weather forecast. May the beardsicles be plentiful and the laps infinite. Go Troll!

Film and edit by Robbie Weides

Riders: Tony Wagner, Kyle Kennedy, Mike Skiba, Boody, Jake Antisdale, Bobby Shemon, Charlie Folkert, Grady Tank, Keegan Tank, Tanner Seymour, Ben McCabe, Nixon Johnson 

Music: "Next To Normal" by Lucius