United Chaos - "Remarkable"

  |   Katie Kennedy

"Remarkable" is the first all-female snowboard film by Helsingin Lumilautailijat, filmed in 2 weeks in the 22/23 season. Sara Säkkinen and Henna Ikola gathered eight of the most promising Finnish boarders and gave them a chance to go film in the streets for the first time. This project was created to highlight these badass riders while inspiring others to push outside their comfort zone.

Directed and produced by Henna Ikola, Sara Säkkinen, Janne Lipsanen

Starring: Telma Särkipaju, Maija Luurila, Emmi Parkkisenniemi, Carola Niemelä, Veera Immonen, Saana Korhonen, Eppu Taka, Karoliina Wuorivirta

Filmed and edited by Calle Hasselblatt

Supported by Helsinki, Levi ski resort, Blue Tomato