We present you ten years of slamming with Wasted Youth, Revelstoke's most sliver gang to date...

"Since the dawn of time man has been entering the arena to prove himself. Sometimes to win his freedom, sometimes to win a belt but always in the pursuit of glory. From the dusty pits of ancient arenas to the glitzy rings of the WWE, this is where melodrama muscles in on muscle drama. And then there was Wasted Youth, swapping the ring for the backcountry but always coming off the top ropes and bringing more body slams than the Heart Foundation vs Demolition at Summerslam 1990. Take a walk down memory lane as we look back on ten years of Wasted Youth's most memorable, if not painful, moments. It's professional wrestling on a pow day with the spandex swapped for Goretex and where the drama is as thick as the powder. It's a frosty smackdown in the backcountry. It's ‘Slammers - Ten Years of Pain’. Enjoy.”

Edited by Nick Khattar