Danyale Patterson VS Grace Warner — Finals



Game Breakdown

It all came down to this. Danyale Patterson and Grace Warner took center stage to see who would be the Game of S.N.O.W. victor. Both were riding so well throughout the entire event and it could really have been anyone’s game. It started off with clean matches, until Grace dropped a dirty fs nosepress 180 out. Danyale answered back, but it wasn’t quite clean enough and was handed a letter. The judges were’nt letting anything slide in the finals. A backside lipslide to fakie got another letter on the board.  Danyale brought out some of her more technical tricks when she was setting but Grace answered them. Tricks like fs 180 on to switch 5050, switch bs 180 out were getting tossed back and forth. Danyale did a FS 270, giving Grace an S. At the end, Grace sealed the deal with a regular backside lipslide and was crowned this year's 2023 Game Of Snow Champion. Major shout out to Danyale though, who took home a thousand dollars for second place.  Much deserved after basically landing every attempt she had during the entire event up until the finals.  


Thank you to Bear Mountain Resort, Autumn Headwear, Ikon Pass, 10 Barrel Brewing, Nixon, and Sun Bum for supporting this event!