Pat Fava vs Marty Vachon — QuarterFinals



Game Breakdown

Pat Fava chose to battle Marty Vachon in the bracket selection. Was this a questionable decision?  Maybe…  Marty, our lone Canadian, was a wildcard compared to Fava, who’s consistently been at the top of this year’s rail jam podiums. But those who pay attention to the streets know that Marty might just be one of the best out there on the steel. Their head to head battle started with back and forth setting. Fava’s strategy was to play the hits. He went for his big show-stopping rail jam hammers. Marty went a bit more strategic, and he started giving Pat letters on switch presses and pretzels. Pat laced a gap BS 270 to the bottom of the kink and Marty gapped the entire rail, giving him his first letter. That was the start of the 270 face off, where every version was done by the riders. Marty finally got Pat his last letter with a switch FS tailpress BS 180 out, putting this year’s rail jam king on the sidelines.  Marty ended the game with an SNO and advanced to the Semi Finals.

Thank you to Bear Mountain Resort, Autumn Headwear, Ikon Pass, 10 Barrel Brewing, Nixon, and Sun Bum for supporting this event!