Sam Klein VS Drayden Gardner — QuarterFinals




Game Breakdown

Drayden Gardner set off on an early lead, giving Sam Klein his first letter pretty quickly with a Hardway FS 270 on the down bar. Quickly after that, Drayden relinquished his setting position.  Sam Klein took the trick sets and started running. Sam's consistency and variety of tricks were on fire. After putting up letters on Drayden, Sam finished it off with a staple backside boardslide on the kink - one that many viewers have been familiar with watching throughout Sam’s video parts. Drayden, still playing catch up from Sam’s run, wasn’t able to match the boardslide and ended what many people believed to be his run for the top of the brackets.

Thank you to Bear Mountain Resort, Autumn Headwear, Ikon Pass, 10 Barrel Brewing, Nixon, and Sun Bum for supporting this event!